OK. We get it. You’re a teenager, you’re SPECIAL !!

So here is a page especially for you.

See the picture. YEP – free Wi Fi.                            

You can take selfies lounging in the pool –  Facebook em, tweet them, snapchat and Instagram them –  hey just don’t forget to tag us.

So the nitty gritty – If you don’t want to fish, play bowls, golf, swim at the beach, shop, or eat out, here’s some extra suggestions.


Find somewhere cool to hang out.

Like, at this Cafe, or ride your bike here – (this is pretty “spesh” – look for the next pics of this place)

How ’bout a spooky forest walk?  Action Adventure Activities?  (pssst… here’s the number 0497 201 924 – don’t tell ya Mum I gave it to you.)


Kick the footy, AFL/NRL/Soccer – your choice.  Drop in to the bowl, kick flip, impossible or trey ? or try your luck on the rails.


“Sunday Music Cruise” on the Yamba to Iluka Ferry Service? or if your old enough, catch up with some mates here.  

And don’t forget for those times you NEED to get those extra rare, extra expensive, brand name things,  you didn’t do chores for (but promise your folks you will) supplies from Yamba.

The  Iluka to Yamba Ferry Service will get you there and back again – wear a watch – your phone will be flat from all that free Wi Fi!